Saturday, 21 January 2012

Kudos and such

My goodness.  In the last few months I sure have got my share of "fame"!  One, I was on the front page of the Coquitlam Now in November regarding teacher assessment strategies in the face of job action.  I had no idea I'd appear on the front.  I thought I'd be tucked in the back somewhere!  Then just recently G, a fellow blogger and innovations master, put together a website which highlights what teachers are doing in Coquitlam with classroom design.  I appear on that page.  Then due to that page TG (head of Coquitlam SD) sent me a card congratulating me on my achievements.  Wow!

In terms of my classroom,  I have recently mixed up where the kids sit on alternating days.  I have to pilot my checklist in February and I want the kids to be familiar with choosing their own seats AND having me choose them.  Before they just chose their own, now I'm in the mix.

So how are they reacting?  Funny, some kids really like me choosing their seats because they like to sit with other people and when the kids choose their seats they choose the same kids to sit near all the time.  So mixing it up pleases some of them.  Others get really upset and don't like being told where to sit.  The girls hate sitting with the boys and vice versa.

I'm also creating a survey as my second tool for my evaluation class so we'll see how that turns out!