Saturday, 15 September 2012

A School Wide Transformation

Welcome back to the teaching universe!  I have decided to document all the classroom design changes made in my school since full day K and my own journey began.  It's amazing how people have been rethinking what a classroom should look like!  The change in my colleagues has been remarkable.  Today we will look at the library.

Priscilla has been focussed on creating an inquiring space.  I noticed when I walked in the other day that she had set up a welcoming zone to read to the children with new carpet/mats and all the children face her by sitting on chairs in a large arch/rectangular shape.

The other day she also set up an inquiry table.  There is a large question mark hanging above it and on the table are several non-fiction books.  The students have written their questions on the topic on small round paper and it covers the table.  Very cool.

I will take some more time this week to take more photos of my school and post them for you!  First 2 weeks are so busy...but life is starting to settle.