Friday, 18 May 2012

Hypothesis debunked

Well, after doing all my data analysis I have come to a statistically significant conclusion!  Teacher chosen work space for students significantly increases on-task behaviour in students over student chosen work space.  I really hoped it would be the opposite but at least in my research study with grade 4/5 students this was NOT the case.

I also found that two types of off-task behaviour were shown to be effected by student choice in a significant way:  behaviour issues (students poking each other, saying inappropriate things, generally becoming a problem) and students being distracted by others.  These two off task behaviours showed up more in the student chosen seating and were tested by to significant with only a 2% and 3% chance of being due to chance!  So there are my first findings.  I am now writing it all up and deciding how I want to use this in my classroom set up for the fall.

I think I will still have tables, risers, carpet etc, but now that I know the off task behaviours that result from more choice at this grade level I'll be watching and perhaps creating a different way of offering choice.  I am next going to look at whether some students had no difference at all between types.

Overall, doing this research was so much fun!  I'd set up another study anytime.  If you want a copy of my research I can make you one after July 2012.  Also you can see my research poster at the SFU Summer Institute July 12-14 at the Surrey BC Campus.  I encourage people to retry my research on older and younger kids!  I'd love to see your findings.

For a copy of my paper please leave an email I can send it to in August.