Sunday, 8 September 2013

Classroom Environments in Primary

I teach intermediate but my colleagues have jumped aboard the design wagon as well!  They have been working on self-regulation and the environments they have created for their students are quite inspiring.
First up in Vicki Duncan's K/1 classroom.  Vicki has a double classroom because she shares one side with all the primaries.

Comfortable reading/zen area.

Plants for each table.

Organized books

Writing Center

Ikea bookshelves are GREAT for storage

Hanna Miskiman teaches K/1 as well.  She has brought in an outdoor touch to her room.

Comfy reading area

Wonder station.  Topic:  Canada


Tree trunk lamp

Using fabric to hide books and teacher items you don't want to see!

Play centre

Stefanie Lynch teaches K/1 Montessori and has a very orderly classroom.

Zen area

Wonder station, which has books and items for the theme when school starts.
This is our library.  Priscilla Maki has purchased some circus tents and pillows to make it a great quiet reading zone.

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