Friday, 20 September 2013

What is the purpose of Pro D Day?

Sometimes when I meet "non-teachers" I am asked what the deal is with all our pro-d days?  Is it a day off?  Why are my kids at home?  Why are there so many?

The history of ProD days are that teachers negotiated 6 extra days into the school year in order to use 6 days during the year for professional development.  On these days we go to workshops and learn ideas that will be helpful in our classrooms.  It benefits your kids.

So why don't I take them all before school starts, in August?

I have no idea what the needs of my class will be in August.  I need to meet the kids and find out the challenges in order to decide what I need to learn.

I suite my Pro D to fit the kids in my classroom.  So having 6 spread out days allows me to re-visit a topic at various times in the year and see what I have done that works, and what I need to do.

There is extra Pro D after school and many teachers do that.  But if you were given the chance to learn more to do better at your job, wouldn't you bargain it in to your contract?

And that is why we have Pro D days.

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