Friday, 20 September 2013

Sharing ideas with Colleagues

On this Pro D day we had the pleasure of having Birchland and Coquitlam River visit our school.  During our break they did a tour of our school to see what we have implemented for self-regulation.  My classroom was visited and I was overjoyed to share how I have changed my classroom!

One issue I currently have is that I can't fit a zen den into my room.  I do have a secluded cloakroom but I share it with a K/1 class.  So how do I help students who need a quiet place to go?  So far I've used the intermediate collab room at the end of the hallway, or the hallway itself.  I don't mind that students go way down the hallway because they are (in my opinion) responsible enough to handle it.

So having a silent place is great.  But one of the hardest challenges I have is using brain breaks.  I don't like how kids can't come down from them.  Or at least I have not figured out how to bring them back yet.  Stay tuned on that....

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